For you non-World Language teachers #authres stands for authentic resouces- resources made for and/by native speakers.  Authentic resources are an absolute necessity in the World Language Classroom and so easy to find using the Internet!  Any #authres I post will include a complete lesson and will most likely be in French.  Click on the category #authres to find lessons with using authentic resources.

For ideas on how to save and curate all of the #authres you are bombarded with see my blog post on saving resources.

In the meantime, here is a list of #authres compilations to get you started.

Le Vrai de Vrai– The great feature of this blog is that it gives you the original source so you can download or send students directly there.

Musicuentos has a collaborative Google Sheet so if you take an #authres, you can give one too!

A great place to find #authres is on Twitter.